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Welcome to the Best Tech in Perth for Car Alarms, Immobilisers, Immobilizers, Trackers and Vehicle Security Systems. New 2017 site also coming soon!

Secure your Asset! Get peace of mind. Today, Now! All without breaking your budget!

Overkill Car Security is a Transport Registered Perth based business with over 35 years experience dedicated to installing  Car Immobilisers, Car Alarms , GPS Tracker Tracking systems and Electronic Accessories such as Keyless ( Key-Less ) Entry, Central Locking, Electric Window Conversions, or Reversing Cameras  into automotive and marine vehicles including 24v Trucks or Boats, Bikes and ATV's as you need, to Government standards for Transport requirements with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed for whatever work is done.

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Brands of Alarms and Immobilisers serviced and installed:

Dynamco, Autowatch, Rhino, Mongoose, Black Widow, Viper, Tomahawk, to name a few and most after market security systems including Touch Key Immobilsers, Transponder Immobilizers, Proximity Immobilisers, Remote Immobilizers and Remote Alarms, 2 Way Alarms and remote key FOBS (Not Factory Ignition Key FOBS! You need a Locksmith for this or contact the car dealership.),  2 Way Car Alarms and Remote Start systems. 

GPS Track n Stop Tracker Tracking Systems

Just imagine: 

You find your vehicle or asset missing, not where it should be... 

Now you can find it!  Within seconds! And retrieve it yourself, or call the police to use your device to not only find and catch the thief, but retrieve your prize possession as well! In fact, you can set GeoFence, so if your asset moves more than 10 meters, you immediately receive a text message on your phone! Press STOP to immobilise the vehicle in its tracks! 

Now easily affordable by all, Overkill Car Security presents the latest GPS Track and Stop technology with Ph APP, lifetime server access and remote STOP, all in one unbeatable user friendly package, available right now!  

Use Track n Stop GPS Tracking to easily monitor and control your Car, Truck, Motor Bike, ATV, Jet Ski or Boat from your mobile phone or computer, with NO MORE MONTHLY CHARGES!*

This package includes:

+ Latest G3/G4 vehicle tracking system installed with optional remote STOP 

+ Tracking server access for computer monitoring and control

+ Latest Tracking APP for your smart phone

+ Professionally installed with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

+ Package includes Prepaid SIM card 

And at a price finally affordable by all vehicle owners! And Business Fleet Owners can monitor efficient and responsible employee performance as well as swift, effective apprehension and recovery in the event of theft. 

Combine this Track n Stop GPS system with a Catagory 4 alarm system and insurance rebates of up to 10% are available! And all TAX deductable for your business!

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*(SIM fees excluded, normally $10/year)

A Car Immobliser (or Immobilizer ) is a Compulsary Legal Requirement for all vehicles in WA, disabling the engine so only you can start it.

There are many types available. Touch Keys, Passive Transponders or Push Button Remote Controllers (Remotes) that can also be connected to central locking systems for keyless entry.

A Car Alarm protects your vehicle and contents by deterring theft with Sound, Flashing lights, Warning Stickers and Immobilisation when it is tampered with. 
The levels of security are various and can include sirens, backup batteries, impact, tilt, movement or glass break sensores, pagers and gps tracking  locators to whatever your requirements may be. New 2 Way car alarms feature Pagers to give Tamper Alerts, Remote Start  and Turbo Timer features to warm or cool your car as well. Just call 0418 950 347 for details.

Keyless Entry or Remote Central Locking is a very popular upgrade for people who want the convenience of pressing a Remote to unlock the doors or even the boot.

Cars without Central Locking as standard can be upgraded by having motors installed in the doors or boot as required.

GPS Tracking Systems with remote stop

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Remote Start 

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2 Way Pager Alarms

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Service agent for Autowatch, Cyclops, Viper, Mongoose, Tomahawk and more.

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Call 0418 950347

All work done comes with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

For a professional job, done once, done right.

Mobile  service and EFTPOS available.


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